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mastergem-ified sublab calendarLars Henrik Mai5 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2014-10-14gem-ified sublab calendarHEADmasterLars Henrik Mai
2014-10-14move python out of the wayLars Henrik Mai
2014-09-21make Event and Occurrence sortable and adds some convenienceLars Henrik Mai
2014-09-21add EventList classLars Henrik Mai
2014-07-10added python calendar feed generatorLars Henrik Mai
2014-07-10split class into multiple files and use new baikal server instanceLars Henrik Mai
2014-07-10use httpi as http client libLars Henrik Mai
2014-07-09use proper delegator for events and recurrencesLars Henrik Mai
2014-07-09added gem dependencies for recurring events and date handlingLars Henrik Mai
2014-07-09update ruby_versionLars Henrik Mai