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ansible-wolpertingerFirst attempt at rebuilding oberon in asible31 hours
barcadCAD file for new bar20 months
c3le-webThe c3le website
calendarstuff related to the sublab calendar11 months
camera-stabilizerStorage Repo for Camera Stabilizer Foo2 years
cctv-controla webinterface with cctv remote control features18 months
citizen-cansublab canbus foo8 months
cryptocon-info-slidesInfo slides for cryptocon2 years
dcfclockDCF77 Clock3 years
dotfilesshared dotfiles repo4 months
eventmapA map to markup locations of devices 20 months
fermenterFirmware for the fermentation device21 months
flyersublab flyers
freifunkFreifunk Leipzig
hierfehltwasThe Code for hierfehltwas17 months
ikiwikiDatabase of the Wiki6 months
jsonrpcfork of github pijyoi jsonrpc23 months
mjpegplexerMJPEG multiplexer written in node17 months
node-mjpeg-proxynodejs module for mjpeg proxying retrofitted for mjpegplexer18 months
projectorsome code snippets to feed a projector4 years
ptlabelBrother Ptouch labelprinter software20 months
quaggaQuagga routing suite20 months
remoodlampA new firmware for the moodlamp3 years
repo_serviceA little code allowing users to create repos on their own34 hours
slidonoscopyJavascript on screen Presentation stuff3 years
smartkramToying around with ChipTan SmartTan3 years
spaceautomationSome small scripts intended for use with our space automation system8 months
sprinterFirmware for 3d printer2 years
subdapsubdap21 months
sublab-doorfirmware for the current sublab door control2 years
subsonicFlashy light and sound19 months
subwebThis is where the shiny new website implementation lives3 years
web3sublab auf middleman11 months
websiteThe code for sublab.org6 days