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masterUsing a 10k thermistor for heatbedChristian Franke7 years
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2013-07-15Using a 10k thermistor for heatbedHEADmasterChristian Franke
2013-07-15using 100k thermistor againDavid Lamparter
2013-05-04We temporarily use a 10k thermistorChristian Franke
2013-04-29Holding Z may be beneficial and shouldn't cause troubleChristian Franke
2013-04-29The current setup only allows for 180mm way along YChristian Franke
2013-04-29Initial SettingsChristian Franke
2012-10-14Merge pull request #206 from kliment/experimentalkliment
2012-09-19Change max overshoot for Autotune to 55°Cmidopple
2012-08-27M303 Autotune use HEATER_CURRENT for Maximum PWM Valuemidopple
2012-08-20Version 1.3.22Tmidopple