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2014-02-17added print layoutHEADmasterFlorian
2014-02-16display camera number on outputFlorian
2014-02-16bugfix: form displayes not the latest file from localStorageFlorian
2014-02-16date is displayed in form and readonlyFlorian
2014-02-16print and window.close() now available in print.htmlFlorian
2014-02-16bugfix: enter triggers hide form, after form display due to focusFlorian
2014-02-16bugfix: form active page reload and locally stored image is notFlorian
2014-02-14added printing window and functionFlorian
2014-02-14reload loads last selected cameraFlorian
2014-02-14form data is saved in localstorage on pressing of printButtonFlorian
2014-02-14page reload will display form if displayed when f5 was hitFlorian
2014-02-14print button closes formFlorian
2014-02-14new init-functionFlorian
2014-02-14camera change not possible, when form is activeFlorian
2014-02-14form is displayed as overlayFlorian
2014-02-13added automatic jump to form on enterFlorian
2014-02-07added localstorage test fileFlorian
2014-02-07store current snapshot/testbild locally on enter.Florian
2014-02-07display no of active camera as overlayFlorian
2014-01-24missing closing curly bracketFlorian
2014-01-24cleaned js-directoryFlorian
2014-01-24initial commitFlorian