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2014-02-18Don't use agent for mjpeg streamsHEADmasterChristian Franke
2014-01-21Modify code for usage with mjpegplexerChristian Franke
2014-01-16Fixing an issue with some camerasGeorges-Etienne Legendre
2013-06-28Prepare next releaseGeorges-Etienne Legendre
2013-06-28Fixing a issue with response socket being null, now using the request socket ...Georges-Etienne Legendre
2013-06-28Module dependency must be localGeorges-Etienne Legendre
2013-06-28Merge branch 'patch-1' of into ...Georges-Etienne Legendre
2013-06-28Merge branch 'master' of Legendre
2013-06-28Adjusting log levelGeorges-Etienne Legendre
2013-06-28Adjusting examplebignerd95
2013-06-27Merge pull request #1 from bignerd95/masterGeorges-Etienne Legendre
2013-06-26Remove char " (double quotes) from boundarybignerd95
2013-02-04Adjusting licenseGeorges-Etienne Legendre
2013-02-04A module version of this application, with express.jsGeorges-Etienne Legendre
2010-10-18- Added Chris Chua for credits on this projectPhilippe Rene
2010-10-18Newlines in the README.Chris Chua
2010-10-18Some documentation.Chris Chua
2010-10-18Simple options available now.Chris Chua
2010-10-18Initial code clean-up.Chris Chua
2010-09-07Added core of the mjpeg proxy, need to be reworked on this is just a working ...Philippe Rene
2010-09-07Updated REAME, testing gitPhilippe Rene
2010-09-06Dude where is my carPhilippe Rene
2010-09-06first commitPhilippe Rene